Retoy Preschool - education & play for a better world.

Get ready for even more fun with Retoy – the upgraded Retoy is a new preschool concept that allows children to explore their rights and embrace the joy of a circularity.

Transforming into early childhood education

We’re developing our Retoy preschool concept through a transformative co-creation process. Soon, even more kids can explore their rights and revel in eco-conscious play during their crucial early years.


We unite fun learning, children’s rights, and sustainable living in a safe, non-toxic environment.


Excitingly, our eco-friendly and popular play initiatives are getting upgraded and ready to expand in our new Retoy format. Our popular swap-and-educate Retoy labs will be back soon. Keep an eye out for more news!

Retoy's Magical Transformation

Our progress

The opportunity

How it all started

Retoy is a social enterprise that was founded in 2011 and co-created with a brilliant Advisory Board of Children, UNICEF, Reach for Change, Blocket and several municipalities. 


Retoy engaged over half a million children through toy swaps, Retoy-labs, and non-toxic play areas. 


The swapped toys have saved the world over 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions compared to buying new toys. ♥


Retoy primarily operated in Sweden but also co-created pop-up activities in collaboration with the Swedish Institute and embassies in the US, China, and Macedonia.

Retoy method was met with overwhelming enthusiasm and curiosity from booth children and adults  that  were eager to explore opportunities to play their way to a better world by practicing circularity in a way that empowers children’s rights.

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